What does the leader of a Jazz trio or rock band know about leadership?  How can managers effectively guide their teams using tried and true strategies?  This book answers both questions!

If you've ever suspected there was more to playing music than the glitz and glamor, you're right!  Bandleaders have to be adept at recognizing the skills of their team members and using them to create a seamless product.  And many of the strategies they employ are fully understandable and usable by anyone that leads a team, from project managers to Directors to CEO's.

Adam Cole has served as a Project Manager for the State of Georgia Education Department as well as the Director of Willow Music.  His entertaining analogies of sharpshooters and vets will show you the idea of leadership in a whole new way.  His Four Storytellers Game is one of the best team-building exercises ever invented.




For over fifteen years, author, musician and educator Adam Cole maintained a weekly blog.  In it he covered all sorts of topics, from life after death to love and everything in between.  Now collected for the first time in an accessible collection, you won't miss a single issue!

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